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I can't imagine a room full of people 100% LIKE ME in every shape and form; it would be very SCARY to say the least. Now imagine a stadium of ten thousand people EXACTLY JUST LIKE YOU - same hair and eye color; same height and weight; same voice and smile; same movement and posture; same EVERYTHING. I think you get the picture. You have to be confident in how you look because we all are different for a reason. Worry about doing all you can to stay healthy and shape will follow in different beautiful forms. This is what working out and healthy nutrition is all about.

Stand up to bullies. I always tell people, if you don't love and care for your own body then don't expect anyone else to love and care for it. The best way to shame a bully is to LOVE yourself and care for it to the best of your ability. Bullies and body shaming people want you to hate yourself and you shouldn't make their wish come true. People will always have an opinion on how you look. This is why your number one focus for working out should be to stay healthy. And yes, you can create time, look at our logo and stop the excuses. The video games can wait too. If you're super "busy" all you need is a solid 10-15mins and you're done. Always give 100% and anyone who doesn't like what they see can go kick rocks.

Sometimes we focus so much on looking like someone else that we forget about ourselves in the process. If you are so desperate to look exactly like someone else, please make sure you copy their finger prints too or just knock it off already. It's good to learn from others to be the best version of yourself as much as you can be, not so you can be them or just like them. A better version of YOU might even be better than the best version of "THEM". Let's focus on getting healthier as individuals and a society while celebrating our diversity.

If you need stuff to help you with your exercise, we got your back. Stay Healthy My Friends, Stay Healthy!

Abe - Founder

Workout or Walkout, Inc.